Thursday, June 29, 2006

Return to The Old Poker Home.

OK So maybe I didn't go to The London Beirut Express to Play Poker, But my first online game was directly across the street in the Internet Cafe

Last night I returned to one of my original online poker homes, Gutshot Poker. I reloaded a tiny bit (around 500) and set about readjusting to the interface in some tiny(.25-.50) NLHE cash games. Several things spurred me to a return: 1)PokerOffice now supports B2B/24HR network, 2) Return stagnation on PokerStars (Not losing but getting harder everyday to turn Profit) 3) The mighty Talisman of RakeBack. Gutshot was the 2nd online site I ever Played on for the simple reason that I could cash in and out at the Gutshot Club in London. This made it far more appealing to me since I never had to get banking details or credit cards involved and the payment was instant. The club still offers this service so it's pretty handy if you live in or are visiting London.

After about 400 hands of the NLHE and 100 Hands of PLO I won 250E at very little risk and felt quite nice about the experience. I shall be playing there again soonish rather than laterish.

The very first online site I played on was PokerStars. How I got into the whole thing is still a bit amusing. I had just played from 11PM SAT until 9AM SUN in a private game not far from The VIC in London. With a couple of freewheeling semi-fishys and a couple of pros (easy to dodge as we tended to take our turns at the fishys rather than attack each other) I had cleared a nice 800 quid profit with very little risk (other than of course the inherent risks of private games which I may list in great detail at another time). Once the game broke and I had finished my ritual 1 low stakes game of Rummy (London Style with a bookmaker, not the Gin Rummy us Yanks all know and love) and various of us had finished reviewing the Racing Post, I got in a discussion with a fellow player Andy N. (BB) about this whole online poker thingamajig.

We Went down to the internet cafe, he downloaded PokerStars and showed me the interface.
I said ok I'll have a pop, opened an account and bought 200 quids worth of $$ from him. Since there was still 5 hrs until the VIC opened and I didn't plan on sleeping I decided to have a wee spinup and see what it was all about. Well, In the span of 4 hours I had taken my $340 and promptly sat in a $5-$10NLHE game (Biggest NL game on stars back then) and spun it up to $1800. SWEET! I didn't think much of it as I trod down the street to the VIC to play the 30quid rebuy tournament (which I won of course) taking down about a 2000 quid prize.

Over the next 2 weeks I had run the Stars bankroll up to just under $6K. Of course as most of these stories go, I wasn't taking it seriously and still treated it as more of a video game than anything else so I spunked it all in 2 sessions. It was about 4 months later that I played online again and that was on the Gutshot Site.

Where do they Find the Time?

It would seem that in between Playing every pot AND winning them to assume a longstanding chip lead in the WSOP $1500 NLHE tournament, Carlos Mortensen is also doing his architectural apprenticeship.

OK He's a former World Champion and a helluva player. But how do you find the time to build these animals, concentrate on your game and still smile? I can't wait for his book. Not so I can learn how to play poker, but so I can learn to do freaky things with chips.

For those looking for semi-live coverage of the WSOP events checkout the Gutshot's Stuff.

WSOP Coverage

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Riding in the Rain to Play Free Poker...

Me dealing a MCPL pot at Union Jacks.
(Sure I could be at The RIO right now playing a WSOP event but I'll be there soon enough and these guys are more fun)

Does cycling 7 miles in the rain to play free poker make you a sicko? If, Yes. Than I have truly reached (if I wasn't already there) sicko status. There is no real money involved for this tournament, but there is an end of league final table battle for an entry to an Atlantic City WSOP Cirucuit Event. I have to admit that even though it's purely for fun rather than immediate profit, I find these nights quite refreshing and entertaining. So much so, that I am apparently willing to cycle 7 miles across rolling hills in the rain.

I arrived at about 7:55PM for an 8PM start. With true kickoff not until 8:10PM I had time to nip off to the bar for a pint of Boddingtons and a Pint of Coke.

The tournament fired up with 27 players (26.5 if you count me). We each started with 2K chips and 15MINS levels. Previously the levels have been 20MINS but with a rising attendance they have been adjusted to allow completion before 11PM. (OK for you poker purists, not the best structure but, remeber it's a free poker league NOT the MonteCarlo Millions).

I rapidly doubled up over the course of the first 4 hands by making a nut flush, top two pair twice and a big bluff on the 4th hand. (Funny how they believed the bluff on the 4th hand as I had just shown down 3 nuttish hands :P ) After that is was slogging poker as the blinds rattled up rather quickly and the player to my right and I started taking it in turns to knock players out left, right and center. By 9:25, we had reached a final table of 10 players (with the top 5 players getting points towards the league leaderboard).

A few interesting hands along the way,.
My first knockout.

Prior to reaching the final table: with blinds at 50-100 all fold to me and I button raise to 325 with 9-2off. The small blind with a very small stack calls and the BB folds.

Flop = J 9 Q rainbow. He goes allin for his last 475. I have over 5K in chips and think "hmmmm. Pot is now 1225 (2 x 325 +100 + 475). I'm getting around 11-4 pot odds plus it won't hurt my stack plus there is a goodly chance that hes going to go allin with any 10 (straight draw)." So weighing all this up I announce "You seem a decent fellow. I'll gambooooool with ya!" and throw in the call.

His hand KJ -----My Hand 92
Flop = J 9 Q

I'm dealing and as I burn and start to place the turn card down I let out a bionic man "Na na na na na" noise just as a 2 is revealed on the turn. The river is a blank and I've won it with my 2 pair.

KQsoooooted smells bad

Blinds at 200-400. I'm BB with KsQs.

UTG raises to 1200 all fold to the SB who calls. I call the 800 from my remaining stack of 7600.

Flop = Kh3d8h.

SB moves allin for 675. I think for awhile and decide I'd rather get rid of the original raiser so I raise to 1675. UTG without hesitation re-raises me to 3675. UGGGGGGH! Now I think for a few moments and realize he cannot be bluffing and muck my KQ. SB had a flush draw and UTG had AK. No changes and UTG busts the SB and I avoid busting.

My Last Stand

With 5 players left, I'm the shortstack on 4100 with the blinds at 2000-4000. The UTG players just wants to go home (since his mates are waiting for him) so he puts in a blind raise to 4000. I look down and find A2 and realizing I only have 2 hands left before I take the BB and I have Ahigh AND I'm guaranteed action against a random hand, I shove in my last 4100. Then the party really starts. Button moves allin for 9600 and then the SB Moves allin for 8000. BB and the straddler fold and we are 3 handed with a chunky main pot and nice side pot on offer.

Me Ac2d --Button Kc10c --SB AhAd

Ouch! run into ze aces. Perhaps there are some 2s in this pack.

Flop = 542 rainbow (WooHoo a lifeline! I can win with one of the remaining 2s or chop with and 3)

Turn =6

River = 5 and the AA scoops the monster pot. And I finish 5th. OH VELL! Played 3 weeks now and I've finished 1st of 18---------2nd of 20-------and 5th of 27. I'm Top O The League!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Going on Tilt after a Poor Ruling.

Next time a Tournament Director or Floorman makes a ruling you disagree with, try to avoid this production.

Manager Gone Mental!

Hmmm. If 15MIN penalties are awarded at the WSOP for and "F bomb" infraction what would be the penalty for this routine? Oh wait we have already witnessed minor versions from 1 Phil Hellmuth.

ByeBye Ghana

Ronaldo scores his 15th World Cup Goal in the 5th minute against Ghana to become extend his lead as al-time leading WC goalscorer. Oh Yeah and Brazil cruised past Ghana 3-0.

More Wacky Ole Stuff.

From the bizarre crimes file...

Tranny Thieves

I wish I could make up stuff like this. But hey! Once again puts poker in perspective. OK it's tough relating your latest "Lost a $2K pot" story to your mates. Try explaining how $2K did a runner with a 6ft5in African American Tranny!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sad Passing on WSOP Eve. RIP ELK

I just read on the Gutshot forum that Elkan Allen has passed away.
Writer, player and overall Gentleman of poker.

RIP Elk.

You will be missed.

Ever Had A Beat SO BAD You wanted to DESTROY Earth?

Well Now here are 10 options on how to accomplish your mission.
Brought to you buy some super eggheads from the planet Smartron 5000.

10 Ways to Destroy Earth

Compared to that picture our bad days just ain't so bad. I used to have a vague interest in this astrophysics stuff back in the day when I was convinced I was going to perfect COld Fusion and solve the world's enegry problems. Well, I realized after 2 years of engineering school and reading that Stephen Hawking book that maybe I just wasn't quite up to the task. Perhaps operating a few primitive nuclear reactors might qualify as semi-invovled though :P

Some Wacky Ole Stuff Happens in the World

600lb woman gets ejected thru the sunroof of her SUV!
Surely this is a joke right? No. Apparently this stuff is happening.

Big Woman Thru Little Sunroof

Check out the video of the accident scene. I'm still finding it difficult to believe she made it thru that little hole.


Having been laying my arse off during the group matches on Goals Markets on Betfair, I took today off. As Neil Channing or Lord Miros might say "Marvellous!" Two matches today with only 1 goal atween them. Forget all those books on poker strategy..find me one on TIMING.

I need the book that tells me which day to spin up $315 into $262,000 in one chapter and how to take a day off from the goals market when Argentina is going to score 6 goals and yet another chapter to tell me to LAY all bets on a 1 goal day.

OH VELL! Back to the pokering.
Started off with a nice 1.5hr session of NLHE then went out to a nice Thai Dinner. COme home an whilst awaiting for 3 tournaments I played a bit of PLO. UGGGGH! Why? Got wanked sideways by the same idiot who kept calling me with buckets of shit on the flop to catch some miracle on the river and also disregarded any flush or possible straights. Marvellous!

Moving Along:
Played Rebuy Tourney on stars and get crippled 1 hr after the rebuys buy a super donk who wants to call my raise preflop with K8off and then checkraise on an A 8 7 flop so he can get superdonkilicious lucky on the river. MARVELLOUS!

PLO rebuy tourney. Build a nice stack to get crippled by a super idiot who cant lay down JJAK 4 suits to a MASSIVE pot raise on a 356 sooted board so that he can get ridiculous super duper donk lucky to make a running house.

NLHE HU Tourney. 1st round was just about a bye in that my opponent stuck his stack in on a pure bluff on the 3rd hand when I had the 2nd Nutz.
2nd Opponent quite passive and progressing well..
UPDATE: Not so well.
More timing issues. Cant get wanker to fold wih his bucket of filth in either of two key hands.

I raise with Q10 soooted on the button. Mssr Wnak calls.
Flop = 5h Qs 2h He checks. I bet the pot. Mssr Wank calls.
Turn = 10c He cheacks I bet 150% the pot. Mssr. Wank calls.
RIver 6h he goes allin for his last few chips. I call. DId he chase that way with some sort offlush draw? NO he had 34off to hit a str8 on the river.

Next butchery.
I raise with AsQs on the button. Mssr Wank calls.
Flop 2s4d4s. He checks. I bet 120% the pot. Mssr Wank calls.
Turn 9h. He cheacks. I push allin. He calls for his whole stack 5 X the size of the pot. He has 33 and wins on a river blank. MARVELLOUS!

262,000 Good Things Happen to A Good Guy!

Just found out that a Londoner Coworker/CoPokertrader at BadBeat just won the $1M guaranteed tournament on PokerStars yesterday. His prize? $262,000. GO ON Squelch! His screenname on most sites is Squelch but on Stars it is FlopSpanker. MUHAHA may have found a sponsr for a few of the weee sized WSOP events when I get out there In July :P

Squelch's Description below

FlopSpanking With a daily deposit limit of 500 bucks and a raped and pillaged bankroll of $315.17, the $1050 buy in to the Million dollar event on Pokerstars wasn't looking likely. What to do? what to do?? What would Mr Cool do in such circumstances ??? In a flash I was sat at the biggest Omaha Hi game (10-20PL) with a spare seat, feeling somewhat underendowed with my paltry $315.17 against several +4k stacks. One hand later, courtesy of two preflop raises, my reraise, one call and a pairl of sevens, a check, an all in and a fold, I scarpered with a moment over 1100 bucks and registered for the Million dollar in a blink of the eye !

The tourny started at 9.30pm Sunday and the final hand was played at 7.32 am on Monday morning. Patience, patience, patience (remember this is a mentored and guru'd Flopspanker we are talking about, not the win it in 5 minutes Squelchmeister we know and Love) Fold, fold, fold, with James Brown in my head, I am a folding machine !! Flat call, flat call raise! Check, raise, call, all in! 12 protein bars, one punnet of Strawberries, 3 litres of water, 2 cups of coffee, two 5 minute spins round the garden with the dog and a of packet of chocolate buttons later I am at the final table with a sugar rush from hell !

Got chips- don't got chips - got chips again - 5 left !! Cries of a "deal" - the railbirds Sqwuak !! Glass of orange juice, vitamin C quickly, FF'S the sugar working overtime, chips in and out like a*&#@ 3 left tourney stopped, "a deal chaps?" says the PM. Flopspanker 2.1M, Chaos123, 1.1m and Byrd 700K "No deal", says Flopspanker - back on "Good Luck chaps"........2 left!!

Flopspanker 2.8 Million Chaos 1.1million "No jack no seven, NO Jack NO Seven, NO JACK NO SEVEN............ Get In you Foooooooooker !!" 262 is my new favourite number Mr Cool you are a miracle worker, Ty Punk and Lucky Jim too for pointing out a couple of Spankerisms

Rupert and the Young Ones!

Just added a link for Thoughts of Rup.
He is a UK based young Uni level poker player. I first met him at The Imperial College Poker Society in London. I was invited as one of the pros to discuss poker and it's strategies with the society members. After a brief tutorial and some not so brief MadYank stories I dealt and directed 2 Single Table Tournaments. At a loss for prizes I decided to offer 2 hours of private tutorial time. The nite was quite enjoyable for all. I enjoy doing these type of nites because they tend to recharge my mental poker batteries just by seeing newer enthusiastic players vice the standard old grumbly pros I often spend too much time around.

Well the winner of the main STT was Rupert. He came to my then Badbeat HQ office and I watched him play a $30 SNG on Pokerstars (in which he finished 1st or 2nd). It took about 2 hrs or so during which time he played his game and I would make suggestions about different possibilites or ask him his reasoning behind certain decisions. At the end he shot off down to the Gutshot for a live tourney and I cracked on working.

Since then (Back in SEP05) He has played a LOT more poker and even won himself a sat in and played a WPT event. He also left University and returned to his origin to practice full time pokering.

Looking at his blog it seems he has decided to return to Uni to finish a degree and carry on pokering on the side. I am quite happy he has made this decision. An education will serve him in numerous ways throughout life and poker will almost certainly be there when he has time/the inclination.


And Then There was Poker (Again!)

Will be booking my Trip to Las Vegas and WSOP soon. After days and days of reviewing the skeds I'm looking at arrival around the 10th of July and staying until after the Main Event is finished. I won't be playing the main event due to an other LV commitment (more on that later)

Last few days I have returned to 5-6 tabling Small to Midsized NLHE cash games on Stars. After months of mostly just 2-3 tabling PLO it seems a bit calmer yet a bit more boring. I suppose the intracacies of PLO keep me more alert but at the same time make it easier to wear out My daily brain reserve of poker. NLHE cash seems a lot more straightforward and the decisions come a lot faster and easier. (Thus playing double the amount of PLO tables I might play)

Oh Well, I shall trudge on. The good news is that though slightly more bring, I'm finding it hard to record a losing overall session (sure 1 or 2 of the tables might produce losses but across 5-6 tables it's + upcheck networth each session). I'm sure a bit of this is not being NLHE stale after months of PLO combat and also a healthy dab of running good.


The Aussies had Italy pinned back into their own half for most of the last 45 mins once Italy had a player sent off. The Aussies couldn't find the ole onion bag though and Italy were awarded a penalty kick in the 93rd MIN based on a rather dubious manufactured foul in the box. Totti calmly stepped forward and sent the spot kick Home and the relieved Italians Thru to meet either the Swiss or Ukraine.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Have Cards..Will Use Them!

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16 yellow cards in the Dutch-Portugal match. FIFA have realized their dream. A NEW RECORD for bookings in a single match. 16 yellow cards resulting in 4 red cards and a 1-0 match that finishes with 9 players on each side.

Also, with the 4 red cards in his match a NEW World Cup Tournament total of 9 Red Cards has been set. And there are still 12 matches to be played.

I suppose the bright side of this debacle is that England will now fac a Portugal side with 2 starters suspended and half of the rest on a yellow card.

Bend it Like.........Yep. Beckham

OK. Watching the Match from a Tex-Mex Restaurant in Suburban restaurant with the commentary in Spanish. Unique but enjoyable.

13th MIN: Rooney clearly fouled just inside the box and NO call.

17th MIN: John Terry booked for spiking Ecuadorian arm. The Ecuadorian instantly falls to the pitch rolling about holding his ARM?

The Arm Bone is connected to the Leg bone?
Why do you fall down when your arm gets hurt? Is there a new exoskeletal or nervous connection from the arm to your legs and the ability to remain upright?

22nd MIN: David Beckham’s 2nd errant free kick.

It’s the shoes! It must be the shoes!
Must be The Shoes
David Beckham is wearing powder blue boots. Why? I’m sorry but I just don’t think you can generate any special powers wearing powder blue boots. The England Solution is now clear. Outfit all players in Bright RED Boots!

27th MIN: Nice linkup play to Lampard who fires in a low bullet but it is directly to the Ecuadorian Keeper.

34th MIN: Beckham free kick just in front of the box. Bounced off the wall and out of interest.

44th MIN: Owen Hargreaves takes an unintentional kick to the right leg defending in his own corner. OUCH! Looked like he got the spikes raked down his leg. That’s gonna leave a mark!

49th MIN: England are now starting to look more threatening. Sustained pressure and attacks on the Ecuadorian Box are coming at pace.

52nd MIN: Steve McLaren spotted on the bench conferring over notes with a pained look of consternation.

54th MIN: Errant shot from the corner on the English goal after a halfhearted counter attack by Ecuador. Hmmmm Was wondering whether England might take a hit on a counterattack after spotting Rio Ferdinand just 15 yards off the Ecuadorian box on buildup play. Seems an awfully forward position for a central defender in a 0-0 match.

56th MIN: Corner for Ecuador. Long, off target and dead on an Ecuadorian foul.

57th MIN: Rooney tries to plow a path literally THRU 2 defenders and all three end up in a heap on the pitch. Ref not going for it and calls the foul on Rooney. He seems one of the few out there playing with fire and passion. Say what you like about his temperament but he brings the heat for every minute he is on the pitch. He always plays at the same speed, full throttle overdrive. This may tell later in the match in that he might no be fully fit after recovering from his injury.

Bend It Like………..Beckham!
59th MIN: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! David Beckham makes the free kick MAGIC! A new highlight to add to his amazing curling shot against Greece 5 years ago. This one came over the top of the wall and bent into the low near post. Ecuadorian keeper never had a chance.

OK on 2nd thought … Maybe KEEP the blue shoes!

70th MIN: A chance to double the lead goes awry when Lampard’s cross to Rooney is a bit too far in front.

72nd MIN: Rooney flashes some skills to defeat a defender and feed Lampard who shoots over the goal.

77th MIN: English Keeper booked for time wasting.

82nd MIN: Sustained Ecuadorian pressure on the England Goal line. Some cracks are developing in the England defense. Can they stick their fingers in the holes in the dam for the next 9 mins?

87th MIN: Beckham subbed out for Aaron Lennon.

92nd MIN: Gerrard subbed out.

93rd MIN: It’s over 1-0 to England.

Holy Football Robin! Can England Weather the First Storm?

Some England supporters have taken to summoning up superheros for the round of 16 match against Ecuador.

Today begins the real test for England Football this World Cup. They are clear favorites over the small South American Side, but, they have had their struggles with other overachieving small sides. I hope England not only win but play positive throughout and carry on to the quarterfinals with some confidence and a head of steam.

GO ROONEY GO! The match is on in 20 mins so I'm off to the local ENglish pub for some hootin and a hollerin.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Football American Style (but not American Football)

Jaime Moreno scored his 102nd MLS goal to see D.C. United to a 1-0 win over the Kansas City Wizards. "What?" you ask. "Yet more football?" Well the World Cup is on AND I went to a match tonight. Don't worry poker is coming as other more yakrelated topics.

I went to the footy tonight with my brother-in-law Keith. Twas, as usual, an entertaining yet slightly unfulfilling affair. This being my 3rd D.C. United Match, I've become used to the level of play but can't help yearn for a Premiership level match.(Oh! To see one of those epic Man U-Arse or Spus-Arse matchs) D.C. United are miles clear of the rest of the MLS table, yet I still sometimes wonder about the bridge in quality in this league to the English Leagues.

The first match I went to was quite boring and offputting. It seemed at times to be little kids soccer with 20 players all chasing the ball around mobhanded and very little shape. The second match was very different. It seemed like Chelsea playing a 2nd division overachiever with high quality flow and complete domination by United.

Tonights match was at times a mix of both. Some comic defending at points followed with some high quality buildup and attacking play. Tonight's match experience was a bit tainted though by the fact that in the 48th minute the heavens opened up and rain started pissing down upon us in great bucketloads. The game was suspended at the 50 min point for over 30 mins to allow the worst lightening to pass by. United then scored 2 minutes after the restart and Keith and I bailed out soon thereafter to make good our escape to the Metro (Underground) as it is about a 3/4 mile walk and we figured it best to cover that distance in less than pissing down conditions

Whil at the match, Keith and I got into 2 discussions involving the footy. First after about 15 mins we arrived at the conclusion that D.C. United would probably be analagous to either a top end English League 1 team or an overachieving midtable Championship Team. This discussion stemmed from a conversation we had had at the last match with a fervent US Soccer advocate guy who didn't take kindly to my suggestion that maybe expanision wasn't the greatest idea for the MLS as the necesary talent base wasn't strong enough. He assured me that "HELL YEAH! There be plenty O' talent in dem dere hills" Well judging by the USA's dismal performance in the World Cup and some of the displays I've seen in the MLS perhaps he wasn't quite on there.

The second discussion we had involved the purpose of the 6 yard goal box on a football pitch. For the life of us we exhausted about 50 ideas but we still couldn't figure out it's true purpose. I even exchanged a series of text messages with my Londoner friend, Michael, but after several "Stop questioning everything. you MadYank!" texts even he had to admit he wasn't quite sure.
Of course, once home, twas google to the rescue and I now know it exists purely as the area from within which goal kicks must be taken.

And Then There was Poker:
I only played about 1.5 hrs today almost exclusively PLO. I had another one of those sessions wherein everything rapidly goes pearshaped in the first 15 mins then normal service restores and I get out of it. Actually, I did better than getting out of it and booked around $100 profit. Not much, but once again, better than a $600 loss in 15 mins.

The 3 most interesting hands went as such.

1st hand: I pot raised 5 limpers with KKdbl sooooted on the button and got 4 callers.
Flop = K89 with the 8 and 9 of one of my suits. They all checked. I bet pot. The BB raised pot. The others folded and I re-potted him for a little bit more to set him in. Happy days with top set and 2nd nut flush draw.
The turn card was an blank (red 2) and the river was a red 6. This schmo then of course turns over A-2-7-10 of 4 suits to snake me for $450 pot. Not so happy days :(

2nd hand: I call a weak raise from Mid Position with 8d-10h-Qc-Jc.
Flop = SUPER BINGO of 9c-8h-10c. So I've flopped the nut str8 with a str8 flush draw as well as 2 pair. The BB lead out for 1/2 the pot and was called by 2 players. In these small PLO games there is little point in slowplaying these monsters as you often get heavy action from 2 sometimes even 3 players with heavily dominated hands. Thus, I of course POT raise. I get called by the BB and one other middle player.
Turn = 10d. SWEET! I've now got 2nd nut full house. Check, check and I pot bet again. BB calls and he other player calls allin for a lot less than the bet.
River = 6d. BB moves allin for 1/3rd the pot and I, of course call. He rolls over 10-9-7-2 for the NUT full house and snakes me for a $550 pot.
ARRRRRRRRGH! he bet than called a pot raise on the flop with 2 pair against an obvious made str8 and least one flush draw to hit a 3 outer (with only one card, the 10, getting him any action since I back off quickly if the 9 pairs up).

3rd hand: I call a pot raise fom the 10-9 bandit with AdJdJh10h. We see the flop 4 handed.
Flop = Js2c5d. BOOM! Top set again. He bets 1/2 pot and middle man calls. I pot raise (knowing that I'll gt action from a full range of wanky hands from this guy). 10-9 bandit calls my raise and the middle man drops out.
Turn = 8d. Sweet! I now have top set and the nut flush draw. 10-9 bandit checks and I bet the pot. He calls sharpishly.
River = 8c. BOOM! Nut full house for me. He checks and I bet 1/2 pot. Without any esitation he raises allin for $150 more. I think briefly to myslef "WTF? Don't tell me this donk just hit running quad 8s to fook me!" and then call. Well... he rolls over K-J-A-Q of 4 suits for 2 pair and I take down the $850+ pot (which includes the money he snaked me for and a bit of interest on top)

Then of course it was 20 mins till I had to leave for the footy so I loggd off, showered and it the road to DC United.


Marquez scores in the 5th minute against Argentina, igniting off one of the best 1st halves of football this world cup! Argentina equalized 4 minutes later on an own goal, but at the end of 90 mintues it remains knotted at 1-1.

I'm still firmly behind Mexico as I tipped then as my outsider team for this world cup and thusly backed them heavily at 100-1 on Befair. That price has to collapse if Mexico advances and I'll be able to trade out at a significant win-win profit.

Also, I layed a little bet for my brother in law who named the final 4 teams and Argentina is one of them so.........................If they go down the bet is down :)

Argentina scored in the 98th minute. A Wondergoal wherein he received the ball with his chest then in a flash slammed a hard angled drive giving the Mexican keeper NO chance for a save.

Mexico has 15 minutes to equalize.
Keep hope alive


Mexico couldn't pull the goal back. Argentina thru :(

Ze Germans Advance.

Podolski Pounds in Ze Germans 1st goal and follows up 7 mins later with a 2nd sending them thru to the quarterfinals and the swedes back to scandi land.

So the home team is looking strong now. Can they push thru their next opponent, likely to be, Argentina? Hmmm interesting matchup as the Argies have looked at times quite convincing. Though, I must admit I'm still looking for a Spicy Mexican upset of the argies followed up by a beat down of the Germans. (Well a girl's gotta have dreams :P )

Even More Who Knew This Stuff existed?


Even more bored activity combinations.
I wonder what we can combine with poker...
Hmmm. Let's see...

PokerDancing? A round of poker followed by a couples ballroom dance. Can't we all imagine Chris "Jesus" Ferguson leading us a merry dance on the table then "swinging us off our feet on the dance floor.

PokerMuayThai? A round of poker followed by a 2 minute round of Martial Arts. I suspect Marcel Luske (a 3rd degree karate black belt) might have a slight advantage over many But I figure I could give him a little bother.

PokerDrinkathon? Hey many of you are already champions at this mixed sport. Can't outskill Your opponent? Just outdrink em. In most case I will always fall in the drinking end. (I'm a lightweight drinker ergo cheap date). John Kabbaj and I tried this once in an unplanned fashion in the 1st Victor Chandler Cup (2004 5K Sterling double shootout tournamnet). 6 hrs into our 1st table we ended up heads up. 4 hrs of HU play later (and about 10 Stella Artois for him and 2.5 bottles of red wine for me) we had finished an Epic battle with him pipping me at the line on the final hand with JJ vs 99. Amusingly, with both of us well lubricated, we played probably the best poker of all the heats HU with very few allins and lots of maneuvering. Of course I also rocked the studio with nonstop Jibber Jabber, singing, jokes and general comicry.

PokerRacing? How about playing an Online Poker Tournament whilst driving a Forumla one car about a track at high speed. We'd only need a Heavy duty wireless server for the track and laptops hardmounted into the drivers cockpits. Can you imagine "And Montoya hits the chicane hard! Oh no he was outdrawn on the river! UH OH! Watch out for that hairpin turn! BANG! BOOM! FLIP! Looks like he went on tilt and so did his car."

Friday, June 23, 2006

Nuclear Power On The Comeback

"Finally!" Cries the Madyank.

New Reactor Contracts

As the world gets crazy over oil and it's locations and environmental impacts, it's been a bit too long in coming to get back to the cleaner energy source of Nuclear Power. Yes these reactos produce some highly radioactive waste but it is highly localized waste. This waste can be stored in a central location and doesn't cause oil slicks on coastline or a fleet of $200M supertankers to move it's energy cargo about the world.

For those that still wave the fear card recklessly about it's time for a step back to reality. Chernobyl was an unmitigated disaster predicated on a horrible design and even more horrible operations procedures. Guess What? That design is gone and buried and though the effects on lives and local environment were tragic, I'd be willing to speculate that far more people have suffered and more environmental damage has been done by oil, it's transport ystem and the fight for the black gold.

Three Mile Island. Often pointed to as America's Chernobyl was actually an enginering success! The operators screwed up just about everything at just about every step of the way and yet the net result was a slightly radioactive puff of steam released into the atmosphere. IOW, It all went wrong and the bad stuff stayed inside the containment.

So, to the greeniks and environmental criers, ask yourself which hurts the planet more, more burning of fossil fuels or localized waste?

Ze French Advance......... Just

"Mommy! Mommy! I hurt my footy woooty!" Former Arsenal midfielder and current French player, Patrick Vieira, seen crying on the pitch in France's last Group match. Not an unusual scene when he payed in the Premiership. Of course the seemingly mortally wounded player then rises fom the pitch to score the opening goal in France's 2-0 victory.

Looking at this picture; who doesn't really want to go out there and give em a swift kick in the knackers to assure he really does have something to cry his widdle eye out about.

Other Interesting World Cup News:

Uber-Dodgy Refereeing continues on pace.

  • Yesterday in the Croatia-Ausralia Match, English Ref, Grahm Poll, managed to award the same Croatian player 3 yellow cards before the red card was finally produced.

  • Today The referee in the Swiss- South Korea match allows a 2nd Swiss goal to stand depsite the linesman's offside flag flying high and steady.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who Knew This Stuff Existed?

Now I have zero sympathy for nonces. But perhaps this little test is a bit too Clockwork Orange.
Penile Plethysmograph

Imagine if some form of this was adapted to cure us mad poker players. Everytime we felt the urge to peel one card off for that gutshot draw, this little device could sense the arousal and deliver a nice electric jolt to straighten out our thinking.

The world is a bizarre place full of bizarre things.

On to less important things...

I spent a good 80% of my poker time playing NLHE today (that's a lot since I've been hammering the PLO mostly of late). It felt like a breathe of fresh air and rather a bit easier than PLO. I suppose it takes a bit less brain activity to beat a shorthanded NLHE game than to constantly scheme and keep up with all the draws/quick odds calcs/and representations of Omaha. Funny thing is I felt the exact same breathe of fresh air when I switched to PLO nearly exclusively a few months back. Perhaps it's just the change of game that keeps the mind fresh and re-stimulates the interest...or perhaps I'm just possessed of a chronicly wandering mind.

Right time to get back to calling AllIns with the NUTZ on the turn.

May the Forces of evil become confused on the way to your homes.

Red Card/Penalty Mad referees

Why is it that many of the refs I've seen in the World cup so far just CANNOT keep their cards in their pocket or their whistle out of their mouth.

Today USA got eliminated by Ghana 2-1 with the 2nd Ghana goal coming on a dodgy penalty awarded for essentially falling down. Now The USA Team wasn't anything special in this game or, to be honest, the other group matches, to have their chance essentially removed by yet another dodgy referee is a bit frustrating.

Oh Well! I can rejoice in the demolition the Ghananians will suffer at the hands of Brazil in the next round. I doubt their incessant falling, rolling about on the pitch in feigned pain, and general timewasting will serve them to well against the Brazilians.

Poker Break:
Played about 800 hands last nite, mostly PLO and some PLHE. After a widly violent ride in the 2-4 and 3-6 PLO games I ended up down a fraction (-$140) or so. It was one of those sessions where everything started crap and slid rapidly downhill, but I managed to pull most of the way out of it.

World Cup:
Now onto today's Group F final Matches.

I'm going out on a limb to say a spirited Australia side with top Croatia and Brazil will (with the pressure of advancing out of the way) put on a "return to form" mutilation of Japan.

Either way I'm going Heavy Bet under 3.5 Goals. OK matches on in 25 mins. C Yall later.

UPDATE: Brazil 4 Japan 1 Ok so I got something right.
Aussies 2 Croatia 2 Well nearly got that one right. The Aussies do advance though.

As for the under 3.5 goals... Done me conkers. But traded out some of it to avoid the massive pain.

Why is it so damn Hard to get a YakBurger in London?

Or anywhere else for that matter?

What do poker, laying world cup goals bets and Nuclear Engineer have in common? I still don't know but hey I'm trying to figue it out.

Anyway. I'll get back to that crap and more later.

For Now I'll just start by GIL! (Getting it Loudly) I have finished 1st and 2nd in consecutive weeks in a freeroll Pub League poker tournament. So what most of the players were very inexperienced. I still got there. Aren't I clever. Now if I can just figure out a way to not run KK into AA in $25K tournaments I just might be alright.