Saturday, June 24, 2006

Even More Who Knew This Stuff existed?


Even more bored activity combinations.
I wonder what we can combine with poker...
Hmmm. Let's see...

PokerDancing? A round of poker followed by a couples ballroom dance. Can't we all imagine Chris "Jesus" Ferguson leading us a merry dance on the table then "swinging us off our feet on the dance floor.

PokerMuayThai? A round of poker followed by a 2 minute round of Martial Arts. I suspect Marcel Luske (a 3rd degree karate black belt) might have a slight advantage over many But I figure I could give him a little bother.

PokerDrinkathon? Hey many of you are already champions at this mixed sport. Can't outskill Your opponent? Just outdrink em. In most case I will always fall in the drinking end. (I'm a lightweight drinker ergo cheap date). John Kabbaj and I tried this once in an unplanned fashion in the 1st Victor Chandler Cup (2004 5K Sterling double shootout tournamnet). 6 hrs into our 1st table we ended up heads up. 4 hrs of HU play later (and about 10 Stella Artois for him and 2.5 bottles of red wine for me) we had finished an Epic battle with him pipping me at the line on the final hand with JJ vs 99. Amusingly, with both of us well lubricated, we played probably the best poker of all the heats HU with very few allins and lots of maneuvering. Of course I also rocked the studio with nonstop Jibber Jabber, singing, jokes and general comicry.

PokerRacing? How about playing an Online Poker Tournament whilst driving a Forumla one car about a track at high speed. We'd only need a Heavy duty wireless server for the track and laptops hardmounted into the drivers cockpits. Can you imagine "And Montoya hits the chicane hard! Oh no he was outdrawn on the river! UH OH! Watch out for that hairpin turn! BANG! BOOM! FLIP! Looks like he went on tilt and so did his car."


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