Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who Knew This Stuff Existed?

Now I have zero sympathy for nonces. But perhaps this little test is a bit too Clockwork Orange.
Penile Plethysmograph

Imagine if some form of this was adapted to cure us mad poker players. Everytime we felt the urge to peel one card off for that gutshot draw, this little device could sense the arousal and deliver a nice electric jolt to straighten out our thinking.

The world is a bizarre place full of bizarre things.

On to less important things...

I spent a good 80% of my poker time playing NLHE today (that's a lot since I've been hammering the PLO mostly of late). It felt like a breathe of fresh air and rather a bit easier than PLO. I suppose it takes a bit less brain activity to beat a shorthanded NLHE game than to constantly scheme and keep up with all the draws/quick odds calcs/and representations of Omaha. Funny thing is I felt the exact same breathe of fresh air when I switched to PLO nearly exclusively a few months back. Perhaps it's just the change of game that keeps the mind fresh and re-stimulates the interest...or perhaps I'm just possessed of a chronicly wandering mind.

Right time to get back to calling AllIns with the NUTZ on the turn.

May the Forces of evil become confused on the way to your homes.


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