Friday, June 23, 2006

Nuclear Power On The Comeback

"Finally!" Cries the Madyank.

New Reactor Contracts

As the world gets crazy over oil and it's locations and environmental impacts, it's been a bit too long in coming to get back to the cleaner energy source of Nuclear Power. Yes these reactos produce some highly radioactive waste but it is highly localized waste. This waste can be stored in a central location and doesn't cause oil slicks on coastline or a fleet of $200M supertankers to move it's energy cargo about the world.

For those that still wave the fear card recklessly about it's time for a step back to reality. Chernobyl was an unmitigated disaster predicated on a horrible design and even more horrible operations procedures. Guess What? That design is gone and buried and though the effects on lives and local environment were tragic, I'd be willing to speculate that far more people have suffered and more environmental damage has been done by oil, it's transport ystem and the fight for the black gold.

Three Mile Island. Often pointed to as America's Chernobyl was actually an enginering success! The operators screwed up just about everything at just about every step of the way and yet the net result was a slightly radioactive puff of steam released into the atmosphere. IOW, It all went wrong and the bad stuff stayed inside the containment.

So, to the greeniks and environmental criers, ask yourself which hurts the planet more, more burning of fossil fuels or localized waste?


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