Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Day of Infamy for Online Poker in The USA

The US Senate has passed An Internet Gambling Bill which primarily goes after banks and financial institutions for any "Internet Gaming" transactions.

Assuming that Bush signs the bill (a probability of 100% since it's a rider on The Port Security Bill), the internet poker players will soon be taking a huge hit.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement (Look at pages 213-244)

Friday, September 29, 2006

Kill The Bird?

Found this Lying About The Net

So you don't know how to kill two birds with one stone? Don't worry, you are not alone. Well you are, but there's not a lot I can do about that. What I mean to say is that we've all been there, even you. It's only natural and human to want to kill as many birds with as few stones as possible. It's nothing to be ashamed of, as long as you keep it to yourself and tell no one.

I bet you were wandering in a field one day, just idly carrying a big stone, like I was yesterday. Then you saw these two birds, just sitting there, waiting to be killed. Of course, you looked around for another stone but the field was stoneless, was it not? You were then forced to use the one stone you had against those birds and so in a mad blind moment of frustration you just hurled that stone, didn't you, only to find that it missed both birds and went straight through the window of a tractor. Then the police got involved and your life was ruined for ever, like mine was - am I right?

Well, you should have read this first then.

The benefits of killing two birds with one stone are, mostly, that you save on stones. The practice, therefore, ought to be only prized in societies where birds are common and difficult to kill but stones are extremely rare and valuable. Yet it remains a part of common parlance even in our society and we've a massive surplus of frozen chickens and there's stones just laying about all over the place for free! Which just goes to show that the whole science of economics is irrelevant when it comes to killing...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

500,000 Good Things Happen to A Good Woman!

Well Done Vicky!

It would appear that my superfunking has worked. Victoria Coren won The London EPT and 500,000 pounds.

OK Perhaps The US Navy takes itself a touch Too Seriously

The Best 6 Minutes in Cinematic History!

The Dead Parrot..

An interesting take on the ole Monty Python "Dead Parrot" Sketch

Dead Friend

For those who prefer the original

Dead Parrot

Holy Funking Batman!

( Vicky looking only mildly concerned after running her 88 into AA only for a lovely 8 to hit the flop)

It would appear that my positive wish for Vicky Coren has proven most powerful! She has made it to the final day of the London EPT. With only 12 players remaining, she has a decent stack and a fince chance of hitting the final table of 8. 1st Prize is 500,000 sterling so I'll say it again...


Islam and Christianity The Battle

Yet another Humorous Debate (No threats of actual death)

John Stewart Show

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Good Luck Vicky!

(Vicky drops a devlish grin after trebling up with 666 to survive)

It would appear that Pokerstars held the London EPT despite The Madyank not being in attendance. (Shocking really isn't it? :) Well they cracked on with some slightly lesser known yanks including, Phil Ivey and Barry Greenstein.

Anyway, Vicky Coren is still in after day 1 and I wish her the best of luck.
(Really? After looking at that smile, how could you not wish her well?)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kaho Jai Mai Thai Coup?

A bloodless military coup has occurred in Thailand (Land of Smiles).

Whilst The Prime Minister was attending a UN conference in New York, his chief miliary rival General took control of the government wih the blessing of The King and apparently many of The Thai People.

For an "on the ground" look at whats going on in Bangkok check out Stickman

Sunday, September 17, 2006

And Yet They Continue to Prove The Pope's Point Whilst Bashing Him...

The Picture sort of sums up the peaceful response to the pope

Surely someone aside from me, must see the absolute irony of the parade of Islamic leaders condemning the Pope's remarks and warnign of WAR!

Angry Response

Hani Pahas in the London-based Arabic-language daily newspaper Al-Hayat, wrote

“the pope’s comments may lead to war; we fear that the pope’s statements may lead to a war..."

Hello people! The pope mentions Islamic violence and prominent Muslims think the best response to prove him wrong IS VIOLENCE or threats of violence!

One Last Bit On Religion

I Leave you to the inspired words of the very wise George Carlin.

Carlin on Religion

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Back to The Files of The Bizarre

It would seem a Pennsylvania woman is facing charges related to heating a fake penis full of urine in a convenience store microwave oven.

May I heat My severed Penis Here Please?

Please Don't Offend Those Who Desire to Kill You....

Muslims Burn The Pope in Effigy

It would seem that The Pope's recent speech regarding Islam has offended many Muslims. In this speech he was attempting to draw closer relations with Islam but perhaps unadvisedly used and old quote coupling Islam with violence. This has apparently pissed off the Muslim world.

Here is the quote from an obscure medieval text reording a debate between Byzantine emperor and an educated Persian:

"Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

This quote ired Many Muslims and calls for an apology were shouted from many clerics.

The Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, countered with

"It was certainly not the intention of the Holy Father to undertake a comprehensive study of the jihad and of Muslim ideas on the subject, still less to offend the sensibilities of the Muslim faithful."

Further, Father Miguel Ayuso Guixot, head of the Vatican's Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies, stated that, he feared the Pope's words had been "misinterpreted". He added: "The Pope has worked tirelessly for inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue and for tolerance."

Apparently this appeasement was not enough for many.

In Beirut, Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah, one of the world's top Shia Muslim clerics, said: "We demand that the Pope apologizes personally, and not through Vatican sources, to all Muslims for such a wrong interpretation." An influential Iranian cleric branded his remarks "absurd". Ahmad Khatami told worshippers at Tehran University: "The Pope has insulted Islam."

OK What to make of this?

Perhaps I am off, but I find it rather disingenuous for major Islamic leaders to shout their disturbance from the rooftops regarding the Pope's comments whilst they simultaneously remain near silent on the numerous violent attacks perpetrated on behalf of or in the name of Islam. How can we take seriously ANY indignation from these leaders?

Where is he angry condemnation from Muslim Clerics when another bomb goes off?

Where is the angry condemnation from Muslim Clerics everytime Osama or Al Queda releases another video detailing their murderous plans in the name of Allah?

Where is the angry condemnation from Muslim Clerics when another kidnap victim is beheaded in Allah's name and then sanctioned as justifiable by An Egyptian Cleric?

Sorry, but in my book, until these "Muslim Leaders/Clerics" stop talking out 2 sides of their mouths their credibility is SHITE. IM not sorry that, I refuse to accept any further hypocritical public bullshit from these doubletalking, selfserving "pillars of The Islamic Community." These are the same people who claim the the West's war on terror is actually a war on Islam. Uh, pardon me, but didn' Islam declare war on the west? Sure, one could argue that it is fringe members/radicals unassociated with mainstream Islam, BUT, until mainstream Islam starts denouncing these terrorist with the same vehemnce and righteous indignation as they denounce and old Catholic priest, then once again they sanction it and are responsible for it.

Carrying on: Further Proof that the BBC still has Head firmly implanted in own ARSE

In their article on the controversy, they take a faily critical viewpoint quoting Jesuit Scholar, Father Thomas Reese, an authority on the workings of the Vatican, told the BBC news website of his concerns: "The Pope's worst decision so far has been the exiling of Archbishop Fitzgerald," he said in an interview in April this year. "He was the smartest guy in the Vatican on relations with Muslims. You don't exile someone like that, you listen to them.

"If the Vatican says something dumb about Muslims, people will die in parts of Africa and churches will be burned in Indonesia, let alone what happens in the Middle East. "

Um, excuse there? So, what you are saying is that the Pope's obscure quote IS applicable today! If I read that correctly, if the The Pope says something Muslims don't like, people are going to DIE somewhere!

Lets take another look at that offending quote:

"Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

Hmmmm starting to ring a bit true......

Follow on Note:

To protest the Pope using a refernece saying Islam could be violent, some Palestineans did what? Oh yeah, some acts of violence!

Palestineans Attack 5 Churches

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stab Your Competition?

It would seem that a young American at a small University in Colorado, decided the only way to get more playing time was to stab the starting player in the leg.

Leg Stabber

Could this technique work in poker? Not that I'm advocating it, but I wonder why it hasn't been tried in poker yet , especially with the exponentially growing prize pools.

I noticed at the WSOP main event this year that on the last 3 days of play, the eventual winer, Jaimie Gold, had a mounting entourage and security escort. On the last 2 days of the event he actually had a full team of 4 professional secuirty escorts just to the pisser. Was he worried about the 2nd chip leader having him "whacked out"? Or was he just being paranoid and creating his own "cult of exclusivity"?

I had a very brief meet with him in the Bodog lounge during a break and the next to last day and seemed affable enough. Of course, it did also seem that everyone with a pen or a camera was chasing him for an interview or soundbite.

The motivation must surely be there for desperado players hunting for that extra million. Just imagine that you are the clear 2nd chip leader in a massive tournament. If you somehow had the chip leader "indisposed", you winning chances, thus EV, must surely jump dramatically. Would the WPT or WSOP cancel or delay a final table in search of or deference to a missing or injured chip leader?

ONCE AGAIN. I do not advocate this idea as a tactic for use. I'm just wondering why it hasn't happened yet. Perhaps the lesson to take away is to hire you own squad of secuirty the day before you apprach a final table with a chip lead. Even if there is no treat you can at least ward off the 22 year old Internet Heros employed by cardplayer.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bizzaro World

Here is a video documentry collating a series of Arab figures denying any Muslim involvement with 9/11.


Soften The Hositlity.

This applies in poker AND in life.

ON this day (5 year anniversy of the attacks of SEP 11th) I like this article by Barron Vangor Toth.
I think that perhaps we could also translate these ideals to life beyond the poker table to realize better profit AND sanity both on personal and national levels.

To those who would target Americn Civilians for their own sick beliefs I say a categorical "F**K YOU!"

That said, however, perhaps we as Americans should take more of a role in assuring that our government stops acting on the world stage with an image of a "Drunk 15yr old with a loaded Gun in his hand"

Anyway, read this one if only for the poker truisms.

Soften The Hostility

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Harrah's Screws The WSOP Pooch and Their Trousers Fall

Harrah's Tournament Staff Screwed Royally at Only The Most Important Tournament of them All, The WSOP Main Event.

Read this indepth discussion of how $2M in EXTRA chips entered the The tournament.

How To Screw Up The WSOP

Return of Football (American Style That is)

Both my teams won this weekend.

1st The Pittsburgh Steelers beat The Miami Dolphins on Thursday night and then the best of all, Notre Dame Routed PennState today 41-17.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Ultimate in Poker SELF TORTURE

PokerStars is now offering SUPER deepstack NLHE tournaments.

10K starting chips with a 30 min clock.

The Kicker?

$1 buyin.

Would you like to spend the next 15 hours to compete for a 1st prize of $222?

Rest Mode

I am back on The East Coast of The USA.

I plan to rest for a few weeks before I make my next move.

I still have a bunch of Vegas/WSOP stories in writing. Stanby for further updates.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dangerous Poker

It seems a waterborne poker run went horribly wrong.

Tragic Poker Run

Had Enough of Vegas

I'm Heading back to the East Coast for some downtime.