Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bend it Like.........Yep. Beckham

OK. Watching the Match from a Tex-Mex Restaurant in Suburban restaurant with the commentary in Spanish. Unique but enjoyable.

13th MIN: Rooney clearly fouled just inside the box and NO call.

17th MIN: John Terry booked for spiking Ecuadorian arm. The Ecuadorian instantly falls to the pitch rolling about holding his ARM?

The Arm Bone is connected to the Leg bone?
Why do you fall down when your arm gets hurt? Is there a new exoskeletal or nervous connection from the arm to your legs and the ability to remain upright?

22nd MIN: David Beckham’s 2nd errant free kick.

It’s the shoes! It must be the shoes!
Must be The Shoes
David Beckham is wearing powder blue boots. Why? I’m sorry but I just don’t think you can generate any special powers wearing powder blue boots. The England Solution is now clear. Outfit all players in Bright RED Boots!

27th MIN: Nice linkup play to Lampard who fires in a low bullet but it is directly to the Ecuadorian Keeper.

34th MIN: Beckham free kick just in front of the box. Bounced off the wall and out of interest.

44th MIN: Owen Hargreaves takes an unintentional kick to the right leg defending in his own corner. OUCH! Looked like he got the spikes raked down his leg. That’s gonna leave a mark!

49th MIN: England are now starting to look more threatening. Sustained pressure and attacks on the Ecuadorian Box are coming at pace.

52nd MIN: Steve McLaren spotted on the bench conferring over notes with a pained look of consternation.

54th MIN: Errant shot from the corner on the English goal after a halfhearted counter attack by Ecuador. Hmmmm Was wondering whether England might take a hit on a counterattack after spotting Rio Ferdinand just 15 yards off the Ecuadorian box on buildup play. Seems an awfully forward position for a central defender in a 0-0 match.

56th MIN: Corner for Ecuador. Long, off target and dead on an Ecuadorian foul.

57th MIN: Rooney tries to plow a path literally THRU 2 defenders and all three end up in a heap on the pitch. Ref not going for it and calls the foul on Rooney. He seems one of the few out there playing with fire and passion. Say what you like about his temperament but he brings the heat for every minute he is on the pitch. He always plays at the same speed, full throttle overdrive. This may tell later in the match in that he might no be fully fit after recovering from his injury.

Bend It Like………..Beckham!
59th MIN: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! David Beckham makes the free kick MAGIC! A new highlight to add to his amazing curling shot against Greece 5 years ago. This one came over the top of the wall and bent into the low near post. Ecuadorian keeper never had a chance.

OK on 2nd thought … Maybe KEEP the blue shoes!

70th MIN: A chance to double the lead goes awry when Lampard’s cross to Rooney is a bit too far in front.

72nd MIN: Rooney flashes some skills to defeat a defender and feed Lampard who shoots over the goal.

77th MIN: English Keeper booked for time wasting.

82nd MIN: Sustained Ecuadorian pressure on the England Goal line. Some cracks are developing in the England defense. Can they stick their fingers in the holes in the dam for the next 9 mins?

87th MIN: Beckham subbed out for Aaron Lennon.

92nd MIN: Gerrard subbed out.

93rd MIN: It’s over 1-0 to England.


At June 28, 2006 11:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ronnie, why do you follow soccer? Whatever happened dedicating yourself to the real football? Red Blook American football...not 'em sissy soccer contests...


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