Monday, June 26, 2006

Rupert and the Young Ones!

Just added a link for Thoughts of Rup.
He is a UK based young Uni level poker player. I first met him at The Imperial College Poker Society in London. I was invited as one of the pros to discuss poker and it's strategies with the society members. After a brief tutorial and some not so brief MadYank stories I dealt and directed 2 Single Table Tournaments. At a loss for prizes I decided to offer 2 hours of private tutorial time. The nite was quite enjoyable for all. I enjoy doing these type of nites because they tend to recharge my mental poker batteries just by seeing newer enthusiastic players vice the standard old grumbly pros I often spend too much time around.

Well the winner of the main STT was Rupert. He came to my then Badbeat HQ office and I watched him play a $30 SNG on Pokerstars (in which he finished 1st or 2nd). It took about 2 hrs or so during which time he played his game and I would make suggestions about different possibilites or ask him his reasoning behind certain decisions. At the end he shot off down to the Gutshot for a live tourney and I cracked on working.

Since then (Back in SEP05) He has played a LOT more poker and even won himself a sat in and played a WPT event. He also left University and returned to his origin to practice full time pokering.

Looking at his blog it seems he has decided to return to Uni to finish a degree and carry on pokering on the side. I am quite happy he has made this decision. An education will serve him in numerous ways throughout life and poker will almost certainly be there when he has time/the inclination.



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