Thursday, June 22, 2006

Red Card/Penalty Mad referees

Why is it that many of the refs I've seen in the World cup so far just CANNOT keep their cards in their pocket or their whistle out of their mouth.

Today USA got eliminated by Ghana 2-1 with the 2nd Ghana goal coming on a dodgy penalty awarded for essentially falling down. Now The USA Team wasn't anything special in this game or, to be honest, the other group matches, to have their chance essentially removed by yet another dodgy referee is a bit frustrating.

Oh Well! I can rejoice in the demolition the Ghananians will suffer at the hands of Brazil in the next round. I doubt their incessant falling, rolling about on the pitch in feigned pain, and general timewasting will serve them to well against the Brazilians.

Poker Break:
Played about 800 hands last nite, mostly PLO and some PLHE. After a widly violent ride in the 2-4 and 3-6 PLO games I ended up down a fraction (-$140) or so. It was one of those sessions where everything started crap and slid rapidly downhill, but I managed to pull most of the way out of it.

World Cup:
Now onto today's Group F final Matches.

I'm going out on a limb to say a spirited Australia side with top Croatia and Brazil will (with the pressure of advancing out of the way) put on a "return to form" mutilation of Japan.

Either way I'm going Heavy Bet under 3.5 Goals. OK matches on in 25 mins. C Yall later.

UPDATE: Brazil 4 Japan 1 Ok so I got something right.
Aussies 2 Croatia 2 Well nearly got that one right. The Aussies do advance though.

As for the under 3.5 goals... Done me conkers. But traded out some of it to avoid the massive pain.


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