Monday, June 26, 2006


Having been laying my arse off during the group matches on Goals Markets on Betfair, I took today off. As Neil Channing or Lord Miros might say "Marvellous!" Two matches today with only 1 goal atween them. Forget all those books on poker strategy..find me one on TIMING.

I need the book that tells me which day to spin up $315 into $262,000 in one chapter and how to take a day off from the goals market when Argentina is going to score 6 goals and yet another chapter to tell me to LAY all bets on a 1 goal day.

OH VELL! Back to the pokering.
Started off with a nice 1.5hr session of NLHE then went out to a nice Thai Dinner. COme home an whilst awaiting for 3 tournaments I played a bit of PLO. UGGGGH! Why? Got wanked sideways by the same idiot who kept calling me with buckets of shit on the flop to catch some miracle on the river and also disregarded any flush or possible straights. Marvellous!

Moving Along:
Played Rebuy Tourney on stars and get crippled 1 hr after the rebuys buy a super donk who wants to call my raise preflop with K8off and then checkraise on an A 8 7 flop so he can get superdonkilicious lucky on the river. MARVELLOUS!

PLO rebuy tourney. Build a nice stack to get crippled by a super idiot who cant lay down JJAK 4 suits to a MASSIVE pot raise on a 356 sooted board so that he can get ridiculous super duper donk lucky to make a running house.

NLHE HU Tourney. 1st round was just about a bye in that my opponent stuck his stack in on a pure bluff on the 3rd hand when I had the 2nd Nutz.
2nd Opponent quite passive and progressing well..
UPDATE: Not so well.
More timing issues. Cant get wanker to fold wih his bucket of filth in either of two key hands.

I raise with Q10 soooted on the button. Mssr Wnak calls.
Flop = 5h Qs 2h He checks. I bet the pot. Mssr Wank calls.
Turn = 10c He cheacks I bet 150% the pot. Mssr. Wank calls.
RIver 6h he goes allin for his last few chips. I call. DId he chase that way with some sort offlush draw? NO he had 34off to hit a str8 on the river.

Next butchery.
I raise with AsQs on the button. Mssr Wank calls.
Flop 2s4d4s. He checks. I bet 120% the pot. Mssr Wank calls.
Turn 9h. He cheacks. I push allin. He calls for his whole stack 5 X the size of the pot. He has 33 and wins on a river blank. MARVELLOUS!


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