Monday, June 26, 2006

262,000 Good Things Happen to A Good Guy!

Just found out that a Londoner Coworker/CoPokertrader at BadBeat just won the $1M guaranteed tournament on PokerStars yesterday. His prize? $262,000. GO ON Squelch! His screenname on most sites is Squelch but on Stars it is FlopSpanker. MUHAHA may have found a sponsr for a few of the weee sized WSOP events when I get out there In July :P

Squelch's Description below

FlopSpanking With a daily deposit limit of 500 bucks and a raped and pillaged bankroll of $315.17, the $1050 buy in to the Million dollar event on Pokerstars wasn't looking likely. What to do? what to do?? What would Mr Cool do in such circumstances ??? In a flash I was sat at the biggest Omaha Hi game (10-20PL) with a spare seat, feeling somewhat underendowed with my paltry $315.17 against several +4k stacks. One hand later, courtesy of two preflop raises, my reraise, one call and a pairl of sevens, a check, an all in and a fold, I scarpered with a moment over 1100 bucks and registered for the Million dollar in a blink of the eye !

The tourny started at 9.30pm Sunday and the final hand was played at 7.32 am on Monday morning. Patience, patience, patience (remember this is a mentored and guru'd Flopspanker we are talking about, not the win it in 5 minutes Squelchmeister we know and Love) Fold, fold, fold, with James Brown in my head, I am a folding machine !! Flat call, flat call raise! Check, raise, call, all in! 12 protein bars, one punnet of Strawberries, 3 litres of water, 2 cups of coffee, two 5 minute spins round the garden with the dog and a of packet of chocolate buttons later I am at the final table with a sugar rush from hell !

Got chips- don't got chips - got chips again - 5 left !! Cries of a "deal" - the railbirds Sqwuak !! Glass of orange juice, vitamin C quickly, FF'S the sugar working overtime, chips in and out like a*&#@ 3 left tourney stopped, "a deal chaps?" says the PM. Flopspanker 2.1M, Chaos123, 1.1m and Byrd 700K "No deal", says Flopspanker - back on "Good Luck chaps"........2 left!!

Flopspanker 2.8 Million Chaos 1.1million "No jack no seven, NO Jack NO Seven, NO JACK NO SEVEN............ Get In you Foooooooooker !!" 262 is my new favourite number Mr Cool you are a miracle worker, Ty Punk and Lucky Jim too for pointing out a couple of Spankerisms


At June 26, 2006 4:58 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

crazy...from a small bankroll to booya in one night. very nice.


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