Monday, July 17, 2006

The Salesman, The Snoopy, and The Sniper

I spent Saturday (afternoon sleeping of course) as a relaxation day. Jen Mason, Snoopy, and I decied to have a wander bout downtown. This being Snoopy's 1st Vegas visit we had to do Binions (former poker mecca). We (after some lubrication of course) played the 2AM $110 tournament at the Horseshoe. Amusingly the structure wasn't half bad. It had about 50 odd runners but they proved too many for us. Of course I was ejected first after losing with trip queens to a case river Ace for a final table stack sized pot and then running JJ into the mighty KJoff which rivered a K. Marveloooooos! It was quite enjoyable though. Back to actually having fun in a tournament instead of being surrounded by angry aggressive players all thinking they are entitled to a WSOP bracelet (surely they must see that it is I who am entitled :)

After our ejections we wandered about Freemnt Street with Snoopy observing that each casino had a very different smell. Hmmmmmmmmmm. He does pick up some funny things. After our downtown walk-about it was back in the cab to check out some strip casinos. We landed at Ceaser's to check out their new poker room. Quite posh and modern. The staff was quite friendly and the games were ridiculously fishy.

Being as it was a bit of fun venture, we all sat down in a $1-$2 NLHE cash game. The only way to describe it is as insanity!. My 1st hand I pounded the turn with Arag on an A high board to take down a pot. With all and sundry asking where we were from I of course stated I was a Londoner. Several punters seemed in a disbelieving mood so I pledged that the next pot I won I would sing Rule Britania. Of course the next I was dealt was AA. :) UTG raised to $20
MP1 calls $20
MP2 re-raises to $80
I move allin for $235 and stand and start singing "Rule Britania".
The $20 contributors pissed off quickly and the $80 better thinks for a few minutes then calls after I do a bit of sales work. ( I start meekly telling him tat I'll show him if he passes MUHAHAHA)
No 2 outer this time and MY AA finally stands up to a KK. :)

Meanwhile, Snoopy went on a table dominating performance after winning a $800 pot with KK on a K 2 10 J board when he got QQ to call him only for a lovely J to hit the river and house him up.

Jen (Le Sniper) remained quiet for the most part except to win her large pot when she checkraised allin for $200 on a 8c 2s 4c flop with AcQc o be called. The turn and river were blanks and her meager Ahigh was declared the Winner by her opponent. Hmmmmmm. Makes ya wonder what they call big allin raises with doesn't it.

After a few hours of fun an debauchery at The Ceaser's Poker Room we headed out (with a few very spooky looking Celine Dion commemorative $5 chips. I booked a $150 profit, Jen took a $95 upcheck and Snoop landed the BIG win for over $1000. Breakfast was on Snoop, obviously. After that it was back to the Cancun and a nice relax/sleep and a finely prepared MadYank Chicken stir fry (trying to get some healty eating in which is fairly hard in a WSOP room full of burgers and pizza).


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At July 19, 2006 10:01 PM, Blogger snoopy1239 said...

That snoopy guy sounds like a hoot. Is he available?

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