Sunday, July 09, 2006

Forget Baggio. Isa alla Gooda!

For some Reason they Don't want to come into this post

Below My Observations picked up from the start of the 2nd Half.
OK Picking up in the 2nd Half. from Savanahs. (A local pub in a former Roy Roger's restaurant)

48MIN: Corner for Italy. Well placed in the box an volleyed about dangerously in front of the goal mouth before being knocked out for a goal kick.
49MIN: Henry just denied but picks up a corner.
51MIN: awkward moment in the Italian Box as The ball sits dead uder the feet of a French Forward. Luckily An Italian defender comes up
52MIN: WHEW! French forward brought down in the box but the Argentine Ref says Play ON!.
57MIN: Viera takes a seat on the pitch then on the bench as he limps off.
61MIN: Italian GOAL. Denied by the linesmans flag.
66MIN: Weak header by the Italians goes wide.

Play seems to have slowed a bit with both sides waiting a for a clear advantage to press forward hard. Perhaps they are resigned to another 120 min battle and are trying to conserve their energy.

70MIN: Whew! Free kick from Zinedane mishandled by Buffon but still cleared out of the box.
72MIN: Luca Toni hits the pitch in the French box but NO call!
77MIN: Italian free kick barely misses the outside post wide.
80MIN: ZZ takes a hard foul on the shoulder and has to leave the pitch fr a minute.
82MIN: Corner taken by ZZ but cleared quickly.
85MIN: Henry Takes an OBVIOUS dive in the box but again the ref doesnt fall for it.
88MIN: Weak break by The Italians results in a weak shot easily picked up by Barthez.
91MIN: Weak attempt by France gobbled up by Buffon.

The French are starting to look mighty weary just as the Italians seem to have found a second wind and are attacking with vigor.

92MIN: End of regulation time.

98MIN: No serious threats yet. Just probibg attacks with no finishes.
99MIN: Ribery fires in a low rocket passing just outside the goal.
100MIN: Trezeguet subbed in for Ribery. Ribery looking quite winded.
102MIN: Long slow floating cross into the box quickly gatered by Buffon.
103MIN: Danger Will Robinson! A wicked ZZ header tipped over the goal one handed by Buffon.
105MIN: End of the first Extra time period.
The French seemed to have found their second wind as well.
110MIN: ZZ sent off for delivering a Glasgow Kiss to an Italian midfielder. It would appear ZZ had enough of the rough defending.

115MIN: It would seem both sides are settled into defending for the last 5 mins of extra time rather than allow a lapse lead to a goal.

119MIN: WIltord makes a break for France but is forced to take a low probability shot from off angle which sails harmlessly over the goal.

120MIN: Its another Penalty Kick Decider. OH DEAR NO Baggio this time. The good news for Italy is that France's main Penalty taker, ZZ, is OUT!

The Order of penalties is Italy then France.
Barthez looking a bit nervous :P
PIRLO rockets it IN! 1-0 Italy
Wiltord Slots into the right corner for France. 1-1
BOOM! A deceptive run up by Materazzi. 2-1 for Italy.
Trezuguet hits the crossbar! 2-1 for Italy!
EASY DAYZ! DeRossi slips it into the upper left corner. 3-1 Italy.
Abidal easily slots home. 3-2 Italy still lead.
CHA CHING! Del Piero Slotted home! Italy lead 4-2.
Sagnol keeps France alive. Italy 4-3.
Fabio Grosso Leaves no doubt with a rifle Shot past Barthez.



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