Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Welcome to The Rio sir. Now please walk 2 miles to the poker...

Arrived in Las Vegas after a long but rather routine flight with a layover in LAX. Boring.

RIO...Not so Boring. Upon enetering the main WSOP room my 1st impression was that of entering a giant circus of crazed human animals. This room is the size of an 747 hangar and had WSOP tournies proceeding simultaneously. $10,000 PLO Final table. Day 2 of $1000NLHE. and Day 1 of $2000PLHE were all merrilfy buzzing away. Of course the other corners of the room were filled with cash games and nonstop 1 table satelites.

After watching a bit of the PLO final, I wondered over to the 1 Table sat area and ran into Andy Ward. I watched him finish a chop of a 1 Table then we had a quick Grab N Go lunch.

After self assesing that I was not truly tired but also not 100% I decided to have a pop at some small end single tables and then see how I felt. I played 2 single tables (finishing 4th and a Horrible 2nd with no chop discussed) All reports about these singles is true. The standard of play is abysmall on the whole.

After the 5 hands in a row of outdraws to lose the 2nd one, (My personal favorite being the last hand where my allin ith 88 was called by K6o and I lost to board of QQ1010) I thought maybe I should knock the singles on the head for the night.

Still with sme energy in me, I had a small crack at the cash action. I played in a $2-$5NLHE game for about an hour and manged to profit $10. WooHoo!

That games was boring the pants off me so I swithed to a $2-$5 PLO game. After 4 hours in that game wih only several minor interesting pots, I officially kicked it on the head for the night with a modest $250 profit.

The super amusing theme of the night was running into numerous online foes. My favorite was a 24Hr player named LOL. He and I both vividly rememer having an absolute chat slagfest with each other over a year ago in an online PLO game. That night we threatened unspeakable horros to each other, tonight we shook hands and traded jokes. What a Country!

Who are The People in Your Neighborhood?
Run into lottsa European players and friends.

Andy Ward
Neil Channing
Rory Liffey
Gary Bush
Jaime Posner
Andy Black
Johann Storakers
Conor Tate

All and sundry seemed to be having sme sort of success or another.

Right. Now it's tie for the sleep of the just. (Just arrived that is)


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