Tuesday, July 11, 2006

WooHoo! 12hrs till I'm in Vegas.

Or, perhaps it's not woohoo. After reading a recent post from another blogger on The State of The Game (Thank You Andy Ward for the fine linkage) it's hard to to feel a little deflation. The blogger, Shane S., talks about his growing consternation with the whole team concept and the starstruck poker idolators worshiping at the Alter of A Big Name.

It all rings a bit true and is a bit concerning. But, where will it end? and more importantly, should it end? It's hard to say that 1 week from now, if I'm hoisting my 1st WSOP bracelet for the assorted press (Yes, Yes I know. I'll be alright :) ) that I will be able to decline a serious sponsorship offer from PokerStars or whatever site it might be. In reality it is nearly impossible to decline, in that it offers significant protection from the volatility of playing ridiculously large buy-in tournaments ridiculously often.

Oh Well. All that in mind, I'm still excited to be heading out in mere hours.


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