Friday, July 14, 2006

The 1st Long Day

The 12th-13th was a Looooong day.
Started my 2nd day with 2 more single table satellites. Chopped one and was out 2nd hand in the next one. Oh well. Profit obtained.

After single tabling for 2.5 hrs, I jumped back into the cash. The goal was to play the $2500 Shorthanded tournament on Thursday but that plan changed when I looked at the watch at about AM and was sat in a NLHE cash game that could NOT be left.
Earlier I had played in a $2-$5 PLO game that went thru stretches of boredom and high action. After a few hours, and the game in danger of breaking, all the players agreed to change it to a $5-$10 game and the table rapidly filled. Vanessa Rousso (newly sponsored pokerstars player) sat down. She was very friendly and quite graceful in both victory and defeat. Oh yeah, she is also quite pretty :). No serious hands for me in the PLO other than missing a big draw and then getting paid on a few houses.

Amusing hands
Sat into a -5 NLHE game after the PLO broke. 2nd hand I played I called an over raise from a semi drunk player with 4d5d. The flop came 10h10d7d. The initial raiser bet $45 into a $60 pot and I immediately pushed allin with $470. He thought for 2 minutes then folded QQ face up. :P MUHAHA. Hard to call the unknown man on that board.

About a round later, I called an overraise from a shortstacked woman with 7h9h in the BB. The UTG player called and we saw the flop 3 handed
The FLop came 9d8c7d.

"Hmmmmmmm!" Me thinks. I'm beating the woman's obvious overpair, now I just need to get thru the UTG guy. I rapidly figured that unless he had J10 (nut staight) or trip 9s (unlikely with me holding a 9) or 8s he would have to fold to a big bet (Not looking for too many customers with dangerous drawing flop). SO I pushed allin. He called like a shot for $400 and so did the woman for her last $50. OOOOOPS. UTG had J10 for the straight and the woman had JJ.
Turn = Kh
River = 9s. BINGO Full house and all pot to me :). What a country!

About an hour later at a different table I set a Phil Helmuth wannabe (PHW) on FULL TILT!
I raised UTG with the soooooooted Gutshot Powerhouse (5s2s). A young English guy and PHW called.
Flop = 8h 5s 3c.
Both I and English guy checked. PHW bet $45 into the $65 pot. I called and so did English guy.
Turn = 4d
HMMMMMMMMM. Now I had a pair and a straight draw. I checked waiting to see what the action might be.

English guy checked and PHW bet $145. I thought for 3 minutes then moved all in for $450. MY reasoning was fairly easy. PHW clearly had some sort of weak 8 and should be able to fold. EVen if he didn't fold I had 13 cards to hit (any 5 for trips, any 2 for 2 pair, and any 6 or A for a straight). PHW though for 1 minute then called.
River = A. BINGO stairghten up and fly right! I scoop the pot! PHW goes mental calling me a donkey and telling me how he read me perfectly and I'm just a lucky donk. SInce I had the pot I wasn't bothered and started making EEEEEEEEEEW AAAAAAAAAAAAW! noises.

This guy was clearly steaming and wouldn't stop rattling on about the hand. Over the span of the next few hours he slaughted anothe $2000 on one long extended tilt. :) MadYank still has the tilting MoJo! :)

AT about 1PM Thursday, I quit the game and headed off to bed.
Planning to possibly play the Friday $2000 NLHE tournament.
Heading down to the Poker Room to try and spin a few single tables.

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At July 14, 2006 3:54 PM, Anonymous Keefyboy said...

A Good Day - keep it up me ol' Mucker....

At July 19, 2006 8:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At July 18, 2010 7:21 AM, Anonymous For sure said...

Your 1st long day is coming soon buddy..The day the mallet comes down and pow life in a thai prison! and the 2nd will be when they finally stick yo away for life and you being a fat lazy bloke, will then be farmed out for some easy lovins each and every night..Can take somme of the burden off mr.jeff purcells anal cavity


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