Saturday, July 22, 2006

Attack of the Vicky Coren!

Vicky Coren crushes $2-$5 NLHE game at RIO without even turning up...

"It's not possible" you say. But, It Tis, It Tis. For background the 7-4 is Vicky Coren's favorite starting hand. Well it just may land hard on my favs list these days.

The last 3 days of "Radio Silence" have been dedicated to straight up MegaGrind of the cash tables.

Day 1:
Hit the PLO Hard.
After going down $700 in less than 1 hour and in full gaping mode I managed to find a superduper coup and return to levels then hammer on for anther hour to book a tasty $1200 Profit. Yum Yum Yum!

Day 2:
Lessa playa some a holdem...
One of those beautiful days when I never had to reload. Sat with $500, dropped to $350 but soon got it in on a moderate gambool with a flush draw against AAA for the lovely flush to land. Yum Yum Yum.

Next Case Vicar! Call a $20 raise from the small blind with 7-4 soooooted (hello Vicky!).
Flop = 4c Qs 7s

I check, preflop raiser bets $45 and I instantly checkraise to $150.(Bottom 2 pair is strongish o the flop but highly vulnerable when slow played.) With all other players folding the preflop raiser then proceeds to put on a 5 minute act telling me how good his hand is. He then TELLS ME I have 74 and moves allin for $400 more. Hmmmmm. I had been overtly playing my "any 4" game (playing all hands including a 4 preflop for non-ridiculous raises). This game tends to loosen the table up a bit and make my hands quite unpredictable. Well in this case, I decided he eiter had AA, KK or had just given me an oscar winning performance with QQQ. Thus, I call. He then rolls over his hand and shouts out "I'm SO winning" tabling AhAd. Turn and rivr blank off and the $1000+ rolls my way and he leaves mouth agape.

Day 3
3rd Verse same as the 2nd Verse
Back to the $2-$5 NLHE game and playingmy "any 4" game. After showing a few winning powerful hands I run into 2 lovely situations.

Situation 1: I raise to $25 with AA in early position and only the button calls.
Flop = Js 3h 3 d
I fire out $55 and the button calls.
Turn = 10c

The button seemd somehow aroused by this card so I assume it must have helped him in some way. The only logical explanation is that he called preflop with J10 and had just made top 2 pair. If he had JJJ the 10 wouldn't have helped and he certainly wasn't the type of player to call with 1010 on the J high flop. So I returned to my original conclusion that he must have J10. Now he has $400 and I'd like to gt him to put the LOT in the pot. I bet $190 (nearly half his stack, which allows him to quite reasonably raise the whole $400 in) He promptly fllows my unspoken wish, I call and Voila! He produces J10 and with a river Blank I win with Aces up and he wanders away.

Situation 2:
Blessed be The Coren!
After a 10 minute walkabout for a cigarette and bathroom break I return to my table just in time to take my blind. 3 players call $5 and then another raises to $20. Folded around to me and I put in the $15 (who knows what mysterious flop could await us:) 2 Other players call and we see a lovely flop.
Flop = 9d 4s 7s (Yum Yum 2 pair)
I check as do the oter players and the preflop raiser bets $60 into arund a $60 pot. After scanning the other 2 players and reading that they hardly seem interested in this pot, I raise to $200 and await the carnage to unfold. The other 2 players fold (as expected) and the bettor thinks. And thinks, and thinks. Then he says the magic words "All IN!" (For another $300), I call, and the turn and river come J Q and he proudly tables KK. I, of course, show my 2 pair and another player wanders off into the "who the hell is that madman" pugatory. :)

In WSOP news:

The ridiculous fields continue to play on the tournaments. 500-2000 players for every event. Given y horrid showing in the $2k Event, I payed a week ago I am concentrating on the lucrative cash before I decide to spin any more $$ into the lotto WSOP structures.

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