Saturday, July 22, 2006

MadYank Finishes 4th in Tournament!

Jen Mason and I posing in front of the Wall of WSOP Champions at The Horseshoe

What a Country!

Oh bye the way it was a $110 Tournament at the Horseshoe. After Jen M. Finished her log day of WSOP updating, we headed downtown for a fun (that word outlawed by Harrah's) tournament.

After arriving late with Bhupinder (another London friend) we were deposited into tthe tourney as alternates and proceeded to enjoy. Sadly (for her) I knocked Jen out when my Q10 landed hard on a flop of 10-10-4 against her KK.

After outlasting most players, I managed to get my stack in with K8 sooooted against the BB who called with A8. OOPS!

Oh Well! Twas back to the cash.


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