Saturday, July 08, 2006

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrinding Can Be So Soul Sapping

Another 1000+ hands of poker on both Stars and Gutshot.

Another small profit shown.

Only excitement was a brief return to the Sit N Gos on Stars. Played 2 $100 STTs and finished 2nd and 3rd. BAH! I played well and cashed in both, but really for STTs its all about winning to show any kind of return longterm on these things.

I actually can only remember a few hands of note during the session.

My personal favorite was in STT #1.

I had been disconnected for 20 mins early in the STT due to a less than responsive wireless router (D-Link YOU SUCK! get disturbed by a damn cordless phone). After I returned the blinds were on the last stages of 25-50. 10 mins later and I still have barely played a hand when I raise on the button with AJsooooted. SB folds. BB limit re-raises. I PUSH. In most cases I would probably call here but worrying about whether the damn router was going to fail just in time to watch my hand get automucked on a disconnect made me go for the PUSH.

BB calls and has J4off. :) I'm playing like a rock and still hey want to take me on with J4? By some miracle of fate My AJ holds up and sets me on my way to a 2nd place finish against the table zagnut who didn't seem to have a fold button at any point in the tournament

What a country! $100 STTs and they stil don't pay attention.

Hmm must start sniffing about the $500 STTs to see if they pay attention.

On The Backgammon Front
Played another 20 or so games on the PartyGammon.

Won about $50 but starting to get annoyed.
1st Annoyance: Limit per game is still $25 (Sort yourself out Party)
2nd Annoyance: The lobby updates too slow.
3rd Annoyance: The server moves a bit slow. With only 500+ players on its crawling. CMON! You have 80K players on your poker server, you can't sort out the gammon one?

For those interested in a Backgammon lesson or generally abusing me my username on PartyGammon is: B_madyank_B

Oh well It's Vegas in 3 days!


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