Monday, July 24, 2006

Orleansing The Poker

Gratuitous Old Pic of Me From Monte Carlo

Spent Yesterday punting about The Orleans Poker Room.

After a 3 hour stay in their daily tournament (in which Jen Mason blasted my AA with 77) to no avail I moved along to the only NLHE cash game.

$1-$2 NLHE and after 8 hours I managed to win $60 (after going down about $800 BAH!)

I did put on a bit of a performance and managed to get Snoopy nearly drunk on 5 mai tais.Yum Yum!

Notable hands:
1) Bottom 2 pair strikes again.
I call a raise of $15 with 5s6s along with 4 players to see a 9c 5d 6h flop. YUM!
Original raiser bets the pot and I raise. He re-raises and I push. AFter he calls I tell him his AA is no good and to my surprise he rolls over JJ and the board blankety blanks so I scoop.

2) I raise with J8 soooooted and get 5 callers.
Flop = 9d10h2c
All check to me and I bet the pot. Only the BB calls.
Turn = Kd.
BB and I both check.
River = 7s
BB bets $100 and I raise to $250. He calls me like a shot and produces 777.
MUHAHA! I scoop with my straight.

One table away Jen sat down with $300 and within 2 hours had spun it up to nearly $1000 on a table of mad drunk English guys.

Riht I'm off to The Rio now to stat shaking the money trees again and to meet up with one "Mad Irish" Guy (Gutshot Owner extraordinaire).


At July 26, 2006 7:24 AM, Blogger snoopy1239 said...

mmm mai tai


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