Monday, July 03, 2006

Gammon and Eggs Please...Hold the Eggs

There is a deep blue sea of fish swimming around PartyGammon.

I won $200 in 1.5hrs this morning without playing any stakes higher than $6/point. Unbelievable. Even with the grotesque rake (5% and bigger depending on the rating differences) this sea is a nice trawling area. I had 3 different opponents take a cube from behind a 6 prime. WHAT A COUNTRY! The limits are still pretty low (max of $25 on any game or match) but I imagine they will be rising fairly soon.

On the Poker Front, I ran multi table testing on the PokerStars beta version and found it to work just fine. Was jamming 8 tables at once and the tiling feature was lovely.

One problem I have detected is that the chat box flots up when you enlarge the tables. Not sure that will be tooo huge and issue in that I can find few resons to enlarge a table other than if its the final table of a significant tournament and you wish to focus on it.
OK! Back to swimming in the wide gammon sea.


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