Saturday, July 01, 2006


France outplays Brazil? What a Country!

Thierry Henry's strike was enough to put ze French thru to meet Portugal.

On The Bright Side
Backed Under 2.5 goals again and even had a little touch on France (4-1 seemed a bit too much value to pass up). Yum Yum profit.

And then there was Poker
Been happily humming along on The Gutshot Site. Multitabling NLHE with 1 table of PLO may just be my ultimo combo. Yum Yum Profit.

Other Things Poker
New upgrade for Pstars is on the way. Yum Yum resizable tables.

2 problems I've noted so far are.
1)Poker Office and PokerTracker dont work on it yet.
2)When You make the tables larer than normal the chat box floats up into the playing area


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