Sunday, July 02, 2006


Gratuitous Old Pic of Me with goils in London Back When I sported Long Hair

Whew! Just ended a painful session. Could not beat anyone with a stick.
Ran into Lord Miros on Stars and managed to run my QQJ9 dbl sooted into his raggy ole aces preflop and mis all and sundry. He scooped the $600 pot with 1 pair...IN OMAHA! BAH to that. Also got beat up about the head and shoulders in another PLO game AND a PLO Hi/Lo. Tag onto that losing a chiplead gaining pot with KK to A2off in the stars deepstack tournament late on and I officially switched off poker for the night/morning.

On the good news front. PartyGammon was ridiculously good to me. Won $200 at tiny stakes. I had a run of about 15 straight games wherein my opponent made so many mistakes he couldn't win or I got lucky when required. God bless the Gammon fishys.

Right after a day of Betfair goal trading, watching England lose on penalties again, getting my arse opened for me at poker and winning at BackGammon I must sleep the sleep of the just. (If just means mad gambooler across all fronts of course :)


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