Saturday, July 01, 2006

Redefining The Nutz!

Rooney Tried to redefine Ricardo Carvhalo's Nutz but recieved only a red card for his fine effort

And so another England Football run comes to an end on the dreaded penalty shootout. The match was a bit mediocre and England actually looked better with 10 men (once Rooney was sent off for stomping some nads).

But Please!

ALL MISS their penalties?

They all seemed hardly interested and under some ridiculous self induced stress.

On a different note. Someone really should pack up Christiano Ronald's belongings and send them home from England. What a nasty diving whining pile of crap this guy has been. But of course, to his credit, he didnt miss his penalty.

Hmmmmmm. Let me start by saying that clearly I have less emotional tie-in to England's Football team ergo probably more objectivity. That said, England being my semi-adopted country I proudly support them.

That out of the way:
1) He threw himself to the pitch on at least two occasions at the barest of contact and rolled into a little ball wincing in faux pain. (one of the times it was amazing in that all in one move he splashed to the pitch, clutched his leg, winced in pain, looked towards the ref, saw no card coming for the England player and instantly sprung back up and returned to normal. All within 3 secs.)

2) He stuck his nose into a situation that clearly wasn't involving him. He is a 21yr talented KID. If anyone has some issure with an England player's play then it should be the Captain fronting up the ref not pretty boy.

3) After all this performance, when another Portugal player hit the pitch (after the faintest of contact with Crouchs arm/hand) in midfield with England clearly on the attack and the Portugese defense out of position, Ronaldo chased down Crouch to give him a face full of mouth for not kicking the ball into touch when the Portugese player took a dive.
All in All. England lost the match
NOT because of Rooney
NOT because of Ronaldo
NOT because of the REF
BUT BECAUSE SVEN is a negative Manager
BECAUSE Lampard can't hit a penalty
BECAUSE Gerrard can't hit a penalty
BECAUSE Carragher can't hit a penalty
BECAUSE Robinson can't stop a penalty

All the reasons for losing aside, that doesn't change the fact that Ronaldo acted throughout the match in the most unsporting TWATISH manner possible. And THAT is why I think he is a TWAT.

On The Bright Side
I backed the ass off Under 2.5 goals on Betfair so with 0-0 the final I was in some quite tasty profit. Heres looking forward to a low scoring Brazil France match.



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