Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Bit of Argy Bargy...

It would seem that The Argentinian Football team did not take kindly to losing to their German Hosts. After losing on a penalty hootout, a few of them went mental and started kicking and brawling with Ze Germans.

After playing some of the best football seen this world cup (cue 6-0 anhilation of Serbia & Montenegro) they just played crap in the 2nd half against Germany. Even though they took the lead in the 48th minute it always looked as if Ze Germans would at least equalize. With 20mins left in regulation play Germany was raining in shots on goal and The Argies were looking gassed/winded/not quite so good. The manager didn't help matters by pulling off the heart of the midfield (Riquelme) and there best striker (Crespo).

And so Germany will face Italy who had a rather breezy walk over The Ukraine.

I'm starting to smell a 94 Cup final rematch brewing (Italy vs. Brazil). Who will be The Baggio this year?


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