Thursday, August 17, 2006

Winning at The Wynn

I've played the last few days at the $1-$3 NLHE cash game at The Wynn for the last few days.

At times it has seemed too much like work, but at other times it has been quite amusing.

I started last nite deep in the hole and then rapidly dug out out and hit the front after flopping sets and getting ridiculous action from players who couldn't rlease AA. WHAT A COUNTRY!

1) The $1-$3 game is uncapped. Early in my session last nite a guy sat down with $11k. It was amusing in that every time he wanted to set smeone allin he just threw a $5K stack into the middle of the pot.

2) Old time grinders stil clearly have problems adjusting to NLHE cash. They mostly fall in love with their AA or KK or top pair.

3)The Wynn has a quite nice poker room, but much like The Bellagio room (post renovation), I think the lighting levels are too low.

4) It's hotter than hot in Las Vegas right now!


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